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Top 10 Beverage Companies To Own For 2014

On Tuesday, Jamba (NASDAQ: JMBA  ) will release its latest quarterly results. The key to making smart investment decisions on stocks reporting earnings is to anticipate how they'll do before they announce results, leaving you fully prepared to respond quickly to whatever inevitable surprises arise. That way, you'll be less likely to make an uninformed knee-jerk reaction to news that turns out to be exactly the wrong move.

Many businesses get most of their business during the fall and winter months, but for smoothie specialist Jamba, its cold beverages are a tough sell during the frigid part of the year. Let's take an early look at what's been happening with Jamba over the past quarter and what we're likely to see in its quarterly report.

Stats on Jamba

Analyst EPS Estimate

Top 10 Beverage Companies To Own For 2014: Fomento Economico Mexicano SAB de CV (FMX)

Fomento Economico Mexicano, S.A.B. de C.V. (FEMSA), incorporated on May 30, 1936, is a holding company. The Company conducts its operations through principal holding companies, each of which it refers to as a principal sub-holding company. These companies are Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V. (Coca-Cola FEMSA), which engages in the production, distribution and marketing of soft drinks, and FEMSA Comercio, S.A. de C.V. (FEMSA Comercio), which operates convenience stores. The Company�� convenience store chain OXXO operated a total of 7,492 stores as of March 31, 2010. Compania Internacional de Bebidas, S.A. de C.V. (CIBSA) owns a 53.7% interest in Coca-Cola FEMSA. On April 30, 2010, FEMSA announced the closing of the transaction, pursuant to which FEMSA agreed to exchange 100% of its beer operations conducted by FEMSA Cerveza for a 20% economic interest in the Heineken Group. In February 2009, Coca-Cola FEMSA acquired with The Coca-Cola Company the Brisa bottled water business in Colombia from Bavaria, a subsidiary of SABMiller. Coca-Cola FEMSA acquired the production assets and the rights to distribute in the territory, and The Coca-Cola Company obtained the Brisa brand.

Coca-Cola FEMSA, S.A.B. de C.V.

Coca-Cola FEMSA is a bottler of Coca-Cola trademark beverages. Coca-Cola FEMSA operates in various territories, including Mexico, a substantial portion of central Mexico (including Mexico City and the states of Michoacan and Guanajuato) and southeast Mexico (including the Gulf region); Central America, including Guatemala (Guatemala City and surrounding areas), Nicaragua (nationwide), Costa Rica (nationwide) and Panama (nationwide); Colombia; Venezuela; Argentina, including Buenos Aires and surrounding areas, and Brazil, including the area of greater Sao Paulo, Campinas, Santos, the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the state of Minas Gerais and part of the state of Goias.

Coca-Cola FEMSA produces, markets and distributes Coca-Cola trademark beverages, own brands and b! rands licensed from the Company. The Coca-Cola trademark beverages include sparkling beverages (colas and flavored sparkling beverages), water, and still beverages (including juice drinks, ready-to-drink teas and isotonics). Out of the more than 100 brands and line extensions of beverages sold and distributed by Coca-Cola FEMSA, its most important brand, Coca-Cola, together with its line extensions, Coca-Cola light, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola light caffeine free, accounted for 61.4% of total sales volume during the year ended December 31, 2009. Coca-Cola FEMSA�� next largest brands, Ciel (a water brand from Mexico), Fanta (and its line extensions), Sprite (and its line extensions), ValleFrut and Hit, accounted for 10.5%, 5.8%, 2.6%, 1.5% and 1.3%, respectively, of total sales volume in 2009. Coca-Cola FEMSA uses the term line extensions to refer to the different flavors in which it offers its brands.

Coca-Cola FEMSA produces, markets and distributes Coca-Cola trademark beverages in each of its territories in containers authorized by The Coca-Cola Company, which consist of a variety of returnable and non-returnable presentations in the form of glass bottles, cans and plastic bottles made of polyethylene terephtalate (PET). Coca-Cola FEMSA uses the term presentation to refer to the packaging unit in which it sells its products. Presentation sizes for its Coca-Cola trademark beverages range from a 6.5-ounce personal size to a 3-liter multiple serving size. For all of its products excluding water, Coca-Cola FEMSA considers a multiple serving size as equal toor larger than one liter. In addition, it sells some Coca-Cola trademark beverage syrups in containers designed for soda fountain use, which it refers to as fountain. It also sells bottled water products in bulk sizes, which refers to presentations equal to or larger than five liters, which have a much lower average price per unit case than its other beverage products.

In Mexico, Coca-Cola FEMSA�� product portfolio consis! ts of Coc! a-Cola trademark beverages, and includes Mundet trademark beverages licensed from FEMSA in some Mexican territories. Coca-Cola FEMSA�� product sales in Latincentro consist predominantly of Coca-Cola trademark beverages. Per capita consumption of its sparkling beverages products in Colombia and Central America was 92 and 146 eight-ounce servings, respectively, in 2009. Its product portfolio in Venezuela consists of Coca-Cola trademark beverages. Sparkling beverages per capita consumption of its products in Venezuela was 174 eight-ounce servings during 2009. Coca-Cola FEMSA�� product portfolio in Mercosur consists mainly of Coca-Cola trademark beverages, and the Kaiser beer brand in Brazil, which Coca-Cola FEMSA sells and distributes on behalf of FEMSA Cerveza. Sparkling beverages per capita consumption of its products in Brazil and Argentina was 214 and 359 eight-ounce servings, respectively, in 2009.

The Company competes with Pepsi Beverage Company, Grupo Embotelladores Unidos, S.A.B. de C.V., Grupo Jumex, Groupe Danone, Cadbury Schweppes, Big Cola, Consorcio AGA, S.A. de C.V., Postobon, Florida Ice and Farm Co. S.A., Cerveceria Nacional, S.A., Pepsi-Cola Venezuela, C.A., AmBev and Quilmes Industrial S.A.

FEMSA Comercio, S.A. de C.V.

FEMSA Comercio operates a chain of convenience stores in Mexico, under the trade name OXXO. OXXO stores are concentrated in the northern part of Mexico, but also have a presence in central Mexico and the Gulf coast. FEMSA Comercio is the largest single customer of FEMSA Cerveza and of the Coca-Cola system in Mexico. During 2009, a typical OXXO store carried 1,954 different store keeping units (SKUs) in 31 main product categories.

The Company competes with 7-Eleven, Super Extra, Super City, Circle-K and AM/PM.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Jon Markman]

    Renowned trader, journalist and money manager Jon Markman finished one spot ahead of La Monica last year thanks to Hershey‘s (NYSE:HSY) 20% returns. This year, he’s trading in the sweets for emerging market pick Fomento Economico Mexicano (NYSE:FMX), often referred to asFemsa.

    While Markman thinks the U.S. will struggle with austerity in the coming months, he also believes that if we head just a little bit south, we will find one of the greatest potential growth profiles in the world: Mexico, where Femsa is based.

    “Femsa caters to more than 1.7 million retailers and 215 million consumers, and is the No. 1 beverage provider in every region that it operates in. The firm has grown revenues by 16% annually for the last 10 years,” he explains.

    In fact, last year, FMX tallied impressive 44% gains. On the next pullback, he says, it will be time to buy.

Top 10 Beverage Companies To Own For 2014: Pepsico Inc.(PEP)

PepsiCo, Inc. engages in the manufacture, marketing, and sale of foods, snacks, and carbonated and non-carbonated beverages worldwide. The company operates in four divisions: PepsiCo Americas Foods (PAF); PepsiCo Americas Beverages (PAB); PepsiCo Europe; and PepsiCo Asia, Middle East, and Africa (AMEA). The PAF division offers Lay?s and Ruffles potato chips, Doritos and Tostitos tortilla chips and dips, Cheetos cheese flavored snacks, Fritos corn chips, Quaker Chewy granola bars, and SunChips multigrain snacks in North America; Quaker oatmeal, Aunt Jemima mixes and syrups, Cap?n Crunch cereal, Quaker grits, and Life cereal, as well as Rice-A-Roni, Pasta Roni, and Near East side dishes in North America; and various snack foods under Doritos, Marias Gamesa, Cheetos, Ruffles, Emperador, Saladitas, Sabritas, and Lay?s brands in Latin America. The PAB division provides carbonated soft drinks, beverage concentrates, fountain syrups, and finished goods under Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Gatorade, 7UP, Tropicana Pure Premium, Electropura, Sierra Mist, Epura, and Mirinda brands; ready-to-drink tea, coffee, and water products through joint ventures with Unilever and Starbucks; and sells concentrate to authorized bottlers, and branded finished goods directly to independent distributors and retailers. This division also manufactures third-party brands, such as Dr Pepper, Crush, Rock Star, and Muscle Milk. The PepsiCo Europe division offers Frito Lay Snacks, Pepsi-Cola beverages, Gatorade sports drinks, Tropicana juices, and Quaker foods in Europe. The AMEA division provides snack food under the Lay?s, Kurkure, Chipsy, Doritos, Smith?s, Cheetos, Red Rock Deli, and Ruffles brands; Quaker-brand cereals and snacks; and beverage concentrates, fountain syrups, and finished goods under the Pepsi, Mirinda, 7UP, and Mountain Dew brands. PepsiCo, Inc. was founded in 1898 and is headquartered in Purchase, New York.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By ETF Authority]

    Unlike its competitor, PepsiCo has a large exposure to the food industry. This has helped the company generate strong performance over the past decade versus Coca-Cola. I personally prefer the taste of Coke over Pepsi, however, and many consumers seem to have similar taste buds. PepsiCo tends to make large acquisitions, which have worked so far. Sometimes it tends to overpay them, like the recent acquisition of Wimm-Bill-Dann. PepsiCo is cheaper than Coca-Cola, and both have similar near-term prospects.

Top 5 Bank Stocks To Invest In 2014: Molson Coors Brewing Company(TAP)

Molson Coors Brewing Company brews, markets, sells, and distributes beer brands. It sells its products in Canada, under the Coors Light, Molson, Rickard's Red, Carling, Pilsner, Keystone Light, Creemore Springs, and Granville Island brands. The company also brews or distributes products under license from third parties, which include Heineken, Amstel Light, Murphy's, Asahi, Asahi Select, Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller Chill, Milwaukee's Best, Milwaukee's Best Dry, and Foster's. In addition, it imports, distributes, and markets the Corona, Coronita, Negra Modelo, and Pacifico brands, through a joint venture agreement with Grupo Modelo. Further, the company sells various brands in the United States, which include Coors Light, Miller Lite, Coors Banquet, Miller Genuine Draft, MGD 64, Miller Chill, Sparks, Miller High Life, Miller High Life Light, Keystone Light, Icehouse, Mickey's, Milwaukee's Best, Milwaukee's Best Light, Old English 800, Blue Moon, Henry Weinhard 's, George Killian's Irish Red, Leinenkugel's, Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Pilsner Urquell, Grolsch, Coors Non-Alcoholic, and Sharp's. Additionally, it sells various brands in the United Kingdom comprising Carling, C2, Coors Light, Worthington's, White Shield, Caffrey's, Kasteel Cru, and Blue Moon, as well as various regional ale brands. The company also sells the Grolsch brands through a joint venture with Royal Grolsch N.V. and the Cobra brands through a joint venture called Cobra Beer Partnership Ltd.; and distributes brands sold under license, including Corona, Coronita, Negra Modelo, Pacfico, Singha, and Magners Draught Cider. In addition, it markets and sells Zima, Si'hai, Coors Gold, and Coors Extra brands to various international markets. The company was formerly known as Adolph Coors Company and changed its name to Molson Coors Brewing Company as a result of its merger with Molson Inc. in February 2005. Molson Coors Brewing Company was founded in 1873 and is headquartere d in Denver, Colorado.

Top 10 Beverage Companies To Own For 2014: Central European Distribution Corp (CEDCQ)

Central European Distribution Corporation (CEDC), incorporated on September 4, 1997, operates primarily in the alcohol beverage industry. CEDC is a producer of vodka and is Central and Eastern Europe�� integrated spirit beverages business. During the year ended December 31, 2011, as measured by total volume, the Company produced and distributed approximately 33.2 million nine-liter cases . The Company�� business primarily involves the production and sale of its own spirit brands (principally vodka), and the importation on a basis of a range of spirits, wines and beers. Its primary operations are conducted in Poland and Russia. In addition the Company also has operations in Hungary and Ukraine. CEDC has six manufacturing facilities located in Poland and Russia. On February 7, 2011, the Company completed purchasing of the remaining stake of the Whitehall Group.

CEDC is an importer of spirits, wines and beers in Poland, Russia and Hungary. The Company maintains import contracts for a number of internationally recognized brands, including Jim Beam Bourbon, Campari, Jagermeister, Remy Martin Cognac, Corona, Budweiser (Budvar), E&J Gallo wines, Carlo Rossi wines, Sutter Home wines, Metaxa Brandy, Sierra Tequila, Teacher�� Whisky, Cinzano, Old Smuggler, Grant�� Whisky and Concha y Toro wines. In addition to its operations in Poland, Russia, and Hungary the Company has Ukraine and distribution agreements for its vodka brands in a number of key export markets including the United Kingdom, Ukraine, the Baltics and the CIS for Green Mark, Zhuravli, Parliament and Zubrowka, the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, France for Zubrowka and many other Western European countries. In 2011, exports represented 11% of its sales by value.


In Poland, CEDC is the vodka producers with a brand portfolio that includes Absolwent, Zubrowka, Zubrowka Biala, Bols, Palace and Soplica brands, each of which it produces at its Polish distilleries. It produces and sells vodka! s primarily in three vodka sectors: premium, mainstream, and economy. The Company owns two production sites in Poland: one in Oborniki and one in Bialystok. In the Oborniki distillery, it produces the Bols and Soplica vodka brands, among other spirit brands. In Bialystok it produces Absolwent and Zubrowka. Zubrowka is also exported out of Poland to many markets around the world, including the United States, England, Japan and also France. In addition to the Absolwent and Zubrowka brands, in Bialystok it produces the Zubrowka Biala brand. The Company has rights to import and distribute approximately 70 brands of spirits, wine and beer into Poland. It also provides marketing support to the suppliers. During 2011, the Company sold approximately 10.7 million nine-liter cases of vodka, wine and spirits through its Polish business during 2011 including both its own produced vodka brands as well as its exclusive agency import brands. During 2011, the Company sold approximately 191 thousand nine-liter cases of Zubrowka outside of Poland. During 2011, the Company�� Polish operations accounted for 26.3% of its revenue.


CEDC produces Green Mark in Russia and the sub-premium vodkas in Russia, Parliament and Zhuravli. During 2011 the Company introduced new brands to the Russian market Talka, Sotka and Silver Blend. The Company also produces Yamskaya, the economy vodka in Russia, and premixed alcohol drinks, or long drinks. The Company also owns Whitehall, which holds the exclusive rights to the import of such leading premium wine and spirit brands as Concha y Toro, Paul Masson, Robert Mondavi, DeKuyper, Jose Cuervo and Label 5. In addition to these import activities, Whitehall has distribution centers in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Rostov as well as a wine and spirits retail network located in Moscow. During 2011, the Company�� Russian operations accounted for 70.2% of its revenue. During 2011,the Company produced and sold approximately 16.6 million nine-liter cases of vodka th! rough its! Russian business in the main vodka segments in Russia: premium, sub-premium, mainstream, economy and cheap. In addition it produced and sold approximately 2.8 million nine-liter cases of long drinks.


The Company sells Royal Vodka in Hungary through its Bols Hungary subsidiary. The imported brands to Hungary include Bols Vodka, Zubrowka, Royal Vodka, Campari, Cinzano, Jaegermeister, Bols Liqueurs, Cointreau, Carolans, Galliano, Irish Mist, Jose Cuervo, Calvados Boulard, Remy Martin, Metaxa, St Remy, Grant��, Glenfiddich, Tullamore Dew and Old Smuggler.

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Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now

McDonald's� (NYSE: MCD  ) �has elected Steve Easterbrook�as its new executive vice president and global chief brand officer. The 18-year McDonald's veteran returns to the company following a stint as the CEO of Wagamama, a U.K.-based Japanese noodle restaurant chain.

Easterbrook will be responsible for global marketing, menu development, and consumer and business insights. He replaces Kevin Newell, who recently assumed the new role of chief brand and strategy officer for McDonald's�USA.�

A U.K. native, Easterbrook became CEO of McDonald's U.K. in 2006. By the end of 2010, after serving as corporate vice president and chief brand officer, he was promoted to president of McDonald's Europe, a role in which he was responsible for around 7,000 restaurants in 39 countries. He left McDonald's the following year to become the CEO of U.K. chain PizzaExpress, and from there he took the reins at Wagamama.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: Hardinge Inc.(HDNG)

Hardinge Inc., together with its subsidiaries, designs, manufactures, and distributes machine tools in North America, Europe, Asia, internationally. It offers high-precision computer-numerically controlled cutting lathes, machining centers, grinding machines, collets, chucks, index fixtures, and other industrial products, as well as related accessories, including work holding, tool holding, and other industrial support products for companies making parts from hard to machine materials, and small and medium-sized independent job shops. The company also offers post-sale support services, including operation and maintenance training, in-field maintenance, and in-field repair. Its metal-cutting turning machines or lathes are used to remove materials from bar stock or a rough-formed part by moving multiple cutting tools against the surface of a part rotating at high speeds in a spindle mechanism; grinding machines are used to finish parts of various shapes and sizes; and machin ing centers are used to remove materials from stationary, prismatic, or box-like parts of various shapes. Hardinge Inc. serves aerospace, automotive, communications, computer, construction equipment, defense, energy, farm equipment, medical equipment, recreational equipment, and transportation industries. It sells its products through distributors, agents, and manufacturers? representatives. The company was founded in 1890 and is headquartered in Elmira, New York.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: Lionbridge Technologies Inc.(LIOX)

Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. provides language, development, and testing services. Its Global Language and Content segment provides product localization services, such as creating foreign language versions of its clients? products and software applications, including the user interface, online help systems, and documentation; and content translation services, such as translating and maintaining clients? Web-based content, eLearning courseware and training materials, technical support, and sales and marketing information. It also offers technical authoring, eLearning courseware development, and production and integration of content; and global language and content services delivery. The company?s Global Development and Testing segment develops and maintains on-premise, SaaS, and smart phone and tablet applications, as well as provides Web production services. This segment also offers various testing services under the VeriTest brand, including managed test teams, test proc ess design, test automation, functional testing, performance testing, globalization testing, and product certification. In addition, it provides specialized search relevance, online content editorial, keyword optimization, and related services. Its Interpretation segment offers interpretation services for government business and healthcare organizations that require experienced linguists to facilitate communication. It provides interpretation communication services, such as onsite interpretation, over-the-phone interpretation and interpreter testing, training, and assessment services in approximately 360 languages and dialects. The company serves the technology, mobile and telecommunications, Internet and media, life sciences, government, manufacturing, automotive, retail, and aerospace sectors in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Vodicka]

    Lionbridge Technologies (NASDAQ: LIOX) provides language, development and testing services to businesses all over the world. Its focus is on technology, and it helps its clients manage their enterprise content and technology applications, and supports those efforts with training materials, as well as sales and marketing information. By affecting optimal communication in local languages, it helps its clients capture market share, escalate adoption of their global content and products, increase the return on their enterprise application investments and boost workforce productivity. All while reducing costs! So it’s no wonder that the 10 largest software companies and the five largest Internet portals in the world use LIOX to help them internationalize their products and services.

    This strong customer base helped the company weather the recession, as its top 10 customers expanded their business by more than 8% in the fourth quarter over the third quarter. This helped the company generate $11.7 million in cash flow, improve its gross profit to 33.5% and revenues grow 7% quarter over quarter. That’s definitely a great sign, especially since technology spending is taking flight, and globalization of industry is in a rapid phase of expansion. Buy LIOX under $4.50.

Best Income Companies To Invest In 2014: Kewaunee Scientific Corporation(KEQU)

Kewaunee Scientific Corporation engages in the design, manufacture, and installation of laboratory, technical, and laminate furniture products in the United States and internationally. The company offers laboratory furniture products, including steel and wood cabinetry, fume hoods, adaptable modular systems, moveable workstations, casework, biological safety cabinets, and epoxy resin counters and sinks; technical furniture products consisting of column systems, slotted-post systems, pedestal systems, and stand-alone benches; and laminate furniture comprising laminate casework, systems, and related products for educational, healthcare, and industrial applications. Its products also include flexible systems, worksurfaces, workbenches, and computer enclosures. The company sells its products primarily through dealers, commissioned agents, and a national distributor, as well as bids submitted by the company and its subsidiaries. Its customers include pharmaceutical, biotechnolo gy, industrial, chemical, and commercial research laboratories, as well as educational institutions, healthcare institutions, governmental entities, users of networking furniture, and manufacturing facilities of computers and light electronics. Kewaunee Scientific Corporation was founded in 1906 and headquartered in Statesville, North Carolina.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: Armstrong Industrial Corp Ltd (A14.SI)

Armstrong Industrial Corporation Limited, an investment holding company, engages in the manufacture and sale of foam and rubber components focusing on noise, vibration, and heat management for use in the automotive and electronics industries. The company offers rubber parts and components of electronic and other instruments; rubber products, hardware, industrial parts, and components; and precision die-cutting, die fabrication, rubber molding, stamping, vacuum forming, heat press molding, and EPP molding components, as well as provides related product�s tooling fabrication, processing, and sale services. It also provides automotive products; gasket connectors, crash stops/latch bumpers, insulators, and damper adhesives for the data storage industry; rubber/ foam rollers, insulation films/foams, dampers, rubber feet products, cushion pads, panel acoustics, reflectors/ scanner foam assemblies, and labels and separator pads used in the office automation industry; and acousti c foams, dust sealants, filter foams, foots, heat sink gaskets, lens film spacers, microphone holders, insulator films, motor gaskets, O-rings, and silicon plugs for the consumer electronics industry. The company�s solutions are used for dampening, insulation, sealing, cushioning, sound absorption, and related applications. In addition, it produces noise and vibration reduction components, silkscreen nameplates, labels, and stickers; provides architectural, engineering, and related technical consultancy services; and trades in various materials and machineries, as well as adhesive and foam products. The company primarily operates in the People's Republic of China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. It has a strategic partnership with Odenwald-Chemie GmbH. The company was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Singapore.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: ASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited (ASA)

ASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited is a self management investment trust. The firm invests in the public equity markets across the globe. It primarily invests in stocks of companies engaged in the exploration, mining or processing of gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, or other precious minerals. ASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited was founded in 1958 and is based in San Mateo, California.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: Dorman Products Inc.(DORM)

Dorman Products, Inc. supplies automotive replacement parts, fasteners, and service line products primarily for the automotive aftermarket. The company offers approximately 128,000 products comprising original equipment dealer parts, which include intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, oil cooler lines, window regulators, radiator fan assemblies, power steering pulleys, and harmonic balancers; and replacement parts, such as window handles and switches, door hardware, interior trim parts, headlamp aiming screws and retainer rings, radiator parts, battery hold-down bolts and repair kits, valve train parts, and power steering filler caps. It also provides application specific and general automotive hardware, such as body hardware, general automotive fasteners, oil drain plugs, and wheel hardware; a selection of electrical connectors, wires, tools, testers, and accessories; and a line of home hardware and home organization products designed for retail merchandisers. In addition, the company offers a brake and clutch program; remanufactured automotive replacement parts, such as transfer case modules and instrument clusters; and heavy duty aftermarket parts for class 4-8 heavy vehicles, including coolant tubes, door handles and other body parts, fluid reservoirs, headlights and lighting, hood components, window regulators, and wiper transmissions. It sells its products under the OE Solutions, HELP!, AutoGrade, FirstStop, Conduct-Tite!, Pik-A-Nut, and HD Solutions brand names through automotive aftermarket retailers; national, regional, and local warehouse distributors; specialty markets; and salvage yards in the United States, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Canada. The company, formerly known as R&B, Inc., was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Colmar, Pennsylvania.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: Goldsearch Ltd (GSE.AX)

Goldsearch Limited engages in the identification, discovery, and development of mineral properties in Australia and southern Sweden. It primarily explores for gold, silver, nickel, lead, zinc, copper, and uranium deposits, as well as other base metals. The company�s principal properties include the Mount Wellington project in Victoria, Australia. Goldsearch Limited is based in Sydney, Australia.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: Pan American Goldfie(MXOM.OB)

Pan American Goldfields Ltd. engages in the exploration, development, and production of mineral properties in Mexico and Argentina. The company holds interest in two gold and silver projects, including the Cieneguita project and the Encino Gordo project, located in the Sierra Madre region of the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. It also has interest in the Cerro Delta gold project, located in Argentina. The company was formerly known as Mexoro Minerals, Ltd. and changed its name to Pan American Goldfields Ltd in July 2010. Pan American Goldfields Ltd. is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc.(MDRX)

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. provides clinical, financial, connectivity, and information solutions and related professional services to hospitals, physicians, and post-acute organizations primarily in the United States and Canada. The company?s integrated clinical software applications include acute care electronic health records, clinical and practice management solutions, revenue cycle management software, clearinghouse services, stand-alone electronic prescribing, and document imaging solutions, as well as various solutions for home care, hospice, skilled nursing, and other post-acute organizations. It also provides electronic medical records software; practice management software; electronic claims administration services; related installation and training services; hosting services for its software and outsourced solutions; and information technology outsourcing services. In addition, the company also resells related hardware products. Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Top 10 Restaurant Stocks To Watch Right Now: Openwave Systems Inc(OPWV)

Openwave Systems Inc. provides software solutions for the communications and media industries in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific. Its product portfolio consists of server software products, which include mediation and messaging application products for mobile operators. The company?s mediation software products comprise all-IP Openwave Integra platform to help mobile operators for capturing a share of the mobile content market; Openwave Passport Smart Policy; Openwave Media Optimizer, a callable and policy-aware video delivery solution; and Openwave Web Optimizer, a Web caching and compression solution. Its messaging products include Openwave Email Mx, which delivers carrier-class messaging to serve wireline, wireless, and ISP customers; Openwave Rich Mail, a PC-based Web 2.0 solution that enables broadband and mobile operators to brand, personalize, and monetize messaging offerings; Openwave Smart User Repository, a use r data storage solution; and Openwave Multimedia Messaging Services Center, which enables operators to offer multimedia services, such as integrated photo and text messaging. In addition, the company offers professional services, and maintenance and support services. It sells its products and services through direct sales force and third-party resellers. The company was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now

If there's one thing a company doesn't want to be known for, it's failure. Arguably, next in line to failure would be asininely expensive. Unfortunately for Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT  ) , the F-35 has a reputation for both. And at a time when defense spending cuts are hurting domestic spending, overseas spending is of paramount importance. But for the F-35, overseas customers are backing away -- quickly. So what does this mean for Lockheed's stock?

Source: USAF via Wikimedia Commons.�

I'm sorry, how much?!
When Lockheed first started the F-35 program, it promised the fighter would cost less to operate than the F-16. Well, almost $400 billion later, a decade overdue, and still not working properly, preliminary estimates for the F-35A put the operating cost as 10% more expensive than the F-16, or $24,000 per flying hour.�

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: Camino Minerals Corporation (COR.V)

Camino Minerals Corporation, an exploration stage company, engages in the exploration and development of mineral properties in Mexico. The company focuses on precious and base metal projects. It holds 100% interests in the El Rincon gold project, which comprises 1 mineral claim covering an area of 12,946 hectares, located to the northeast of the city of Durango; and the Maijoma claim group that includes three contiguous claim groups, such as Maijoma, Aqua Loca/Los Volcanes, and El Alamo covering an area of 83,985 hectares and is located in southeast of Ojinaga in northeast Chihuahua. The company also has 100% interests in the Mecatona gold prospect, which consists of 7 mineral claims covering an area of 5,300 hectares and is located to the south of the city of Parral; and the Rodeo gold project, which comprises two claims covering an area of 13,099 hectares, located to the north of the city of Durango. Camino Minerals Corporation is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: LivePerson Inc.(LPSN)

LivePerson, Inc. provides online engagement solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. The company facilitates real-time online interactions, such as chat, voice/click-to-call, email, and self-service/knowledgebase for corporations of various sizes; and connects businesses and independent service providers with individual consumers seeking help on its hosted software platform. Its products and services comprise LP Chat that creates real-time connections for businesses to connect with consumers through Websites, social media, and mobile devices; LP Voice, which provides customers a connection between a Website and the voice channel to engage prospects and consumers online; and LivePerson Expert Platform, a marketplace platform that allows users to chat live with independent experts in various categories. The company?s products and services also include LP Marketer that o ffers a real-time data-driven targeting solution that delivers personalized digital user experiences; and LP Insights, which provide customers with a text analytics tool that enables them to data mine for ?Voice of the Customer? and ?Voice of the Agent? content. In addition, it offers provides professional services and value-added business consulting services. The company sells its products through direct and indirect sales channels to small and mid-sized businesses, Internet businesses, online merchants, universities, libraries, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations, as well as to financial, retail, telecommunications, technology, and travel/hospitality industries. LivePerson, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in New York, New York.

Top Financial Companies To Watch For 2014: World.Net Services Ltd(WNS.AX)

World.Net Services Limited engages in the development, provision, and sale of information technology products and services in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia. Its products primarily include Travel.World.Net, which is an integrated multi-user reservations and distribution system for use by suppliers and buyers of travel and tourism products; and Rosta2000, a labor management rostering system. The company also provides vendor application, a client server based application that enables a business to define new tourism products and maintain existing tourism products; SupplierNet, a Web-based application to load and/or maintain tourism products; Siteplus, a contents management application to define and maintain Website content; CRMNet, a Web-based call reservation application; GuestNet, a Web-based property management system for hotel reservations; E-Payment Gateway, a solution for online payment; and Web Services API, a Web-services API. In addition, it provides su pport services comprising implementation, hosting, and maintenance, as well as solution delivery, systems integration, outsourcing, help desk support, and end user training. The company offers its products and services primarily to tourism boards, wholesalers, tour agencies, and tourism businesses. World.Net Services Limited is based in Sydney, Australia.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: Quest Pharmatech Inc. (QPT.V)

Quest PharmaTech Inc. engages in the discovery, development, and commercialization of pharmaceutical products for the treatment of cancer and dermatological conditions based on its SonoLight technology platform. The company�s development products include oregovomab that completed Phase I and Phase II clinical trials for the treatment of ovarian cancer; SL017, which is in Phase II clinical trial for dermatology applications; SL052 that is in Phase I clinical trial for the treatment of prostate cancer; and Anti-MUC1, which is in Phase I clinical trial for the treatment of prostate cancer. It has strategic partnerships with IntelligentNano to develop water-soluble nanoformulations of SL052 and SL017; and Alberta Research Council to develop fermentation based technology to manufacture Hypocrellin B. The company was formerly known as Altachem Pharma Ltd. and changed its name to Quest PharmaTech Inc. in September 2005. Quest PharmaTech is headquartered in Edmonton, Canada.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: Intevac Inc.(IVAC)

Intevac, Inc. provides process manufacturing equipment solutions to the hard disk drive industry, and process manufacturing equipment and inspection solutions to the photovoltaic industry. The company operates in two segments, Equipment and Intevac Photonics. The Equipment segment designs, develops, and markets magnetic disks; hard disk drive equipment products, including disk sputtering and disk lubrication systems; technology upgrades; and spare parts and consumables, as well as installation, maintenance, and repair services. This segment also offers capital equipment for the photovoltaic solar manufacturing industry. The Intevac Photonics segment develops, manufactures, and sells digital-optical products for the capture and display of low-light images and materials identification used in military aircraft, ground vehicles, ground soldier head-mounted, and weapon-mounted applications. This segment also provides sensors, cameras, and systems for military applications; Ram an spectrometer table-top and handheld systems for use in forensics, homeland security, geology, gemology, medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial quality assurance applications; and low-light cameras for industrial inspection, bio-medical, and scientific applications. The company sells its products through direct sales force, system integrators, distributors, and value added resellers in the United States, Asia, Europe, and rest of world. Intevac, Inc. was founded in 1990 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: Sigma Pharmaceuticals Ltd(SIP.AX)

Sigma Pharmaceuticals Limited engages in the wholesale and retail of pharmaceutical drugs in Australia. The company distributes pharmaceutical products to retail pharmacies. It operates approximately 550 banner stores under the Amcal, Guardian, and Amcal Max brands. The company was founded in 1912 and is headquartered in Clayton South, Australia.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: IGI Laboratories Inc. (IG)

IGI Laboratories, Inc. engages in developing, manufacturing, filling, and packaging topical semi-solid and liquid products for cosmetic, cosmeceutical, and pharmaceutical customers in the United States. The company�s products are used for various skin conditions, including the treatment of symptoms of dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. It offers contract formulation and contract manufacturing services to a range of topical formulations, including creams, ointments, lotions, gels, and topical liquids. The company is also developing a portfolio of prescription generic formulations in topical dosage forms. IGI Laboratories, Inc., through its license agreement with Novavax, Inc., utilizes the Novasome lipid vesicle encapsulation and certain other technologies for applications in animal pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and other animal health products; foods, food applications, nutrients, and flavorings; cosmetics, consumer products, and dermatological over-the-counter and prescription products; fragrances; and chemicals, including herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, paints and coatings, photographic chemicals, and other specialty chemicals. The company was formerly known as IGI, Inc. and changed its name to IGI Laboratories, Inc. in May 2008. IGI Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1977 and is based in Buena, New Jersey.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: Landstar System Inc. (LSTR)

Landstar System, Inc. operates as a non-asset based provider of freight transportation services and supply chain solutions. It operates in two segments, Transportation Logistics and Insurance. The Transportation Logistics segment provides transportation services, which include truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, rail intermodal, air cargo, ocean cargo, expedited ground and air delivery of time-critical freight, heavy-haul/specialized, U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico cross-border, project cargo, and customs brokerage. It also provides supply chain solutions that comprise integrated multi-modal solutions, outsourced logistics, supply chain engineering, and warehousing, as well as delivers supply chain solutions through a software-as-a-service model. This segment primarily serves automotive products, paper, lumber, metals, chemicals, foodstuffs, heavy machinery, retail, electronics, ammunition and explosives, and military hardware industries, as well as provides tra nsportation services to other transportation companies, including logistics and less-than-truckload service providers. The Insurance segment provides risk and claims management services; reinsures certain risks of the company?s BCO independent contractors; and offers property and casualty insurance. The company provides services to shippers principally in the United States and Canada; between the United States, Canada, and Mexico; and internationally. Landstar System, Inc. was founded in 1968 and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: Deer Consumer Products Inc.(DEER)

Deer Consumer Products, Inc., through its subsidiaries, engages in the design, manufacture, and sale of small home and kitchen electronic appliances. The company offers blenders and juice extractors, soy milk makers, food processors, popcorn makers, meat grinders, coffee machines, and hot water kettles primarily under the Deer brand name, as well as under one store brand for a retailer?s private label programs. It sells its products through agents to retailers in the People?s Republic of China. The company also operates as an original design manufacturer and original equipment manufacturer to provide its products to consumer products companies and electrical appliance manufacturers internationally. Deer Consumer Products, Inc. is based in Shenzhen, the People?s Republic of China.

Top 10 Managed Healthcare Companies To Invest In Right Now: Lions Gate Energy Inc (LG.V)

Lions Gate Energy Inc., an exploration stage company, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of precious and base metal mineral deposits in Canada. It owns a 100% interest in the El Toro project, a copper-gold-silver property that covers an area of 34,356 hectares in the Omineca mining division of British Columbia. The company was incorporated in 1981 and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Asian Stocks Headed for Biggest Advance Since September

Asian stocks rose, with the regional benchmark index headed for its biggest gain in nine months, amid signs the Japanese and U.S. economies are improving and assurances on stimulus efforts by the Federal Reserve.

Toyota Motor Corp. (7203), the world's biggest carmaker, rose 1.5 percent, pacing gains among Japanese exporters as the yen weakened. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc., Japan's No. 1 lender, climbed 4.1 percent after the nation's industrial output and retail sales beat expectations. China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd., the largest mainland property company traded in Hong Kong, rose 4.6 percent on speculation the government will remove a ban on refinancing for real-estate development.

The MSCI Asia Pacific Index climbed 2 percent to 130.84 as of 5:29 p.m. in Tokyo, heading for its biggest advance since Sept. 14, a day after Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke unveiled a third round of quantitative easing to boost the U.S. economy. The gauge is headed for a second month of losses and its first quarterly slump in a year after China's money-market rates surged to a record and Bernanke said this month policy makers may start dialing down U.S. stimulus.

"The U.S. is recovering, but the rate of growth isn't matching expectations," Peter Esho, investment adviser in Sydney at Wilson HTM Investment Group, which oversees about $11.8 billion, said in a telephone interview. "The Fed know what's happening on the ground, so I think they will act within reason. The Japanese government is very serious about getting their economy back to a reasonable rate of growth. Japan will continue to surprise on the upside over the next few years."

Shares on the Asia-Pacific gauge traded at 12.5 times average estimated earnings, compared with 14.6 for the Standard & Poor's 500 Index and 12.7 times for the Stoxx Europe 600 Index, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Relative Value

Japan's Topix index rose 3.2 percent and the benchmark Nikkei 225 Stock Average jumped 3.5 percent, extending gains for a second week. Reports today showed the economy strengthened in May as industrial production rose the most since 2011, retail sales climbed and consumer prices halted a six-month slide, bolstering Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to end a deflationary malaise.

A survey published by the Nikkei newspaper this week found 55 percent of respondents approved of Abe's economic policies, and 66 percent supported the cabinet. The paper surveyed 918 people by telephone between June 21-23 and did not give a margin of error.

Taiwan's Taiex index added 2.3 percent, capping the gauge's biggest gain since Nov. 23, as chipmakers advanced. The index rose the past three days after Taiwanese lawmakers voted this week to roll back provisions of a capital gains tax on stock sales of more than NT$1 billion ($33 million).

'Rock Bottom'

China's Shanghai Composite Index (SHCOMP) rose 1.5 percent, its first advance in eight days, ahead of the release of the June manufacturing purchasing managers' index next week. Fitch Ratings yesterday cut its 2013 growth forecast for the world's second-largest economy on concern a surge in money market rates will curb demand.

"The Chinese market is close to a turnaround as sentiment is at rock bottom," HTM Investment's Esho said. "Even if there are issues around the financial system, there might be short-term fixes from the government."

Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index advanced 1.8 percent, while the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index of mainland companies gained 1.7 percent. South Korea's Kospi index gained 1.6 percent. Singapore's Straits Times Index increased 1.2 percent. New Zealand's NZX 50 Index rose 0.5 percent, while Australia's S&P/ASX 200 Index lost 0.2 percent.

U.S. Economy

Futures on the Standard & Poor's 500 Index rose 0.3 percent. The gauge yesterday advanced 0.6 percent, completing its biggest three-day rally since January, as reports showed consumer spending rebounded, pending home sales soared to the highest level since 2006 and jobless claims declined last week. Fed Bank of New York President William C. Dudley said the central bank may prolong its asset-purchase program should the economy fail to meet the Fed's forecasts.

Japanese exporters gained as the yen fell against the dollar for a second day. A weaker yen boosts the value of overseas income at carmakers and electronics manufacturers when repatriated.

Toyota gained 1.5 percent to 5,990 yen in Tokyo. Honda Motor Co., a Japanese carmaker that gets about 83 percent of sales overseas, rose 2.2 percent to 3,685 yen. Panasonic Corp., Japan's second-biggest television maker, jumped 6.7 percent to 797 yen.

Japanese lenders advanced. Mitsubishi UFJ climbed 4.1 percent to 612 yen. Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Inc. (8316), the nation's second-largest lender by market value, rose 2.9 percent to 4,550 yen. Mizuho Financial Group Inc. gained 4.6 percent to 206 yen.

India Gas

India's biggest energy companies rose after the government agreed to raise the price of natural gas. Reliance Industries Ltd., operator of the world's biggest oil refining complex, climbed 3.1 percent to 855.2 rupees in Mumbai. Oil & Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC) added 1.7 percent to 325.70 rupees.

Chinese developers rallied after 21st Century Business Herald reported real-estate companies may be able to apply for fundraising and restructuring without completely spinning off their property units. Companies may be allowed to sell new shares and bonds to ease the cash crunch in the world's second-largest economy, said Wu Kan, a Shanghai-based fund manager at Dazhong Insurance Co., which oversees $285 million.

China Overseas Land rose 4.6 percent to HK$20.35 in Hong Kong, and Guangzhou R&F Properties Co., a builder in the southern Chinese city, gained 3.9 percent to HK$11.22. China Resources Land Ltd. (1109), the second-biggest mainland developer traded in Hong Kong, gained 4.2 percent to HK$21.20.

Sands China Ltd., a Macau casino operator controlled by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, added 1.1 percent to HK$36.55 in Hong Kong. The company's business is expected to be "very strong" going forward and the second half is traditionally better than the first, Sands China Chief Executive Officer Edward Tracy said. Mainland China holidays in the latter half of the year will boost growth, he said.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

This 1 Chart Shows the Insanity of Gas Prices

Few things inspire more hatred among American consumers than the high cost of gasoline. With prices remaining above $4 per gallon in some parts of the country, even vast new discoveries of domestic oil reserves through unconventional methods such as hydraulic fracturing have made absolutely no dent in prices at the pump.

Yet even more alarming than high current prices is the increase in wild swings in gas prices over the past decade. Take a look at this chart, which shows just how insane the volatility in the gasoline markets has gotten compared with previous periods.

With immense price swings, including a 50% drop in just a few months in late 2008 followed by a doubling of prices within a couple of years, consumers and investors alike have to wonder what's changed fundamentally in the energy markets to justify these increasingly large moves.

What's new
Certainly, energy markets have faced major events with huge implications for supply and demand for gasoline. During the early 1990s, gasoline prices spiked briefly after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent Desert Storm conflict to retake the Persian Gulf nation, but then they fell back to trade in a relatively tight range between $1.00 and $1.40 throughout the rest of the decade. As tensions escalated with Iraq, leading to war in the early 2000s, prices again rose temporarily, and again fell back in response to military operations.

But since then, prices have moved dramatically higher, and they've done so with increasing amounts of volatility. As the chart shows, from 2005 to 2008, multiple swings of $1 per gallon or more within the course of a single year became commonplace. As oil prices rose to nearly $150 per barrel, many people blamed speculators for bidding up the price of energy products, including gasoline. Subsequently, studies showed conflicting evidence about whether speculative activity in the oil-futures markets was sufficient to amount to outright manipulation. Nevertheless, both major oil company ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM  ) and oil-market participant Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS  ) believe that speculation contributed to some of the recent rise in oil prices over the past several years, in turn pushing gasoline prices up.

The tragedy of exports
With new calls for energy independence in the U.S., many Americans don't understand why gas prices remain so high. The reason is simple: With prices for refined products largely set by international markets, it has become more lucrative to export gasoline than to keep it for domestic consumption and reduce local prices. Valero (NYSE: VLO  ) and Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX  ) are massive exporters of gasoline and other refined products, and the differential between U.S. crude prices and those in international oil markets has only made those exports grow.

Meanwhile, it's also important to understand that while unconventional drilling techniques have opened up new supplies, the techniques generally involve higher costs to extract oil. That in turn supports refined-product prices that are higher.

Could volatility go the way of the Fed?
One other factor to consider is the action taken by the Federal Reserve to inject liquidity into the financial markets. As long as money is cheap, the Fed's low interest rate policy makes it easier for traders to take positions in the oil markets. What will be interesting to see is whether the coming end of quantitative easing will calm down gasoline-price swings. That might not bring relief at the pump, but it might at least make price movements more predictable.

If you're on the lookout for some currently intriguing energy plays, check out The Motley Fool's "3 Stocks for $100 Oil." For free access to this special report, simply click here now.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why the Dow Is Tanking Yet Again

If you thought one central bank's reaction to economic conditions could tank the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI  ) , you should see what two can do! This morning has seen the index fall another 200 points on fears that the global economy could be headed south following a big player's nonaction. With loads of uncertainty leaving investors with little direction, there is scant hope of the index recovering its morning losses.

Pay attention!
Though the U.S. markets were fixed on the Fed's new timeline and the upcoming end to its stimulus plan, elsewhere a true economic disaster was brewing. The Chinese banking system had a liquidity freeze, with interbank lending rates going as high as 28%. It's only this morning that we get an explanation as to why the People's Bank of China didn't step in -- in a letter to the participating banks, the PBOC basically scolded them to pay attention and work it out on their own. Since the impact of a Chinese economic slowdown reaches far beyond the country's borders, U.S. investors are concerned that the inaction from the Chinese central bank may signal new trouble brewing.

Biggest losers -- China edition
Some of the Dow's biggest losers this morning are its financial component stocks. Both Bank of America (NYSE: BAC  ) and JPMorgan (NYSE: JPM  ) are down more than 2.4% as of this writing. Since both companies have expanded their operations in the Asian markets, it's clear that investors are concerned about the security of the banks' revenue streams. But with only 4% and 6%, respectively, coming from Asian markets, the two are faring better than some other more heavily concentrated firms.

Citigroup (NYSE: C  ) gets 18% to 20% of its revenue from the Asian markets, and has fallen almost 2.9% in the first two hours of trading. Citi has already demonstrated in its first-quarter earnings report that its Asian markets had softened, so further deterioration of revenue streams from the region could hurt the bank's chances of offsetting those declines in other markets.

American International Group (NYSE: AIG  ) has recently spent close to $600 million expanding its presence in China in a joint venture with the PICC Group, initiated in the fourth quarter of 2012. The company reported a 10% return in the first quarter from its investment and re-upped its involvement. But due to the rapid expansion plan, investors might be a bit concerned this morning, sending the insurer down 4.2% so far in trading. AIG's plan in China hinges on the continued growth of the emerging middle class and discretionary income for both insurance and retirement products and services. If the Chinese economy slows to a crawl, the returns seen by the insurer in the first quarter may not be matched for quite a while.

It's hard to know how the issues in China will play out, but for now the liquidity levels are adequate and investors are trading on "what-if" scenarios. If you're confident in your investments outside of the Chinese markets, hold on during this bumpy ride.

Many global regions are still stuck in neutral, and their eventual resurgence could result in windfall profits for select companies. A recent Motley Fool report, "3 Strong Buys for a Global Economic Recovery," outlines three companies that could take off when the global economy gains steam. Click here to read the full report!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014

On Wednesday, Bank of Montreal (NYSE: BMO  ) will release its latest quarterly results. With a solid reputation as a strong Canadian financial institution, the bank has benefited from superior conditions in the Canadian economy over the past several years, avoiding much of the trouble that U.S. banks suffered during the financial crisis in 2008.

Yet one thing that many investors don't realize about Bank of Montreal is that like its U.S. peers, it is far more than just a bank. With extensive other financial operations, the financial giant has exposure to investments and asset management as well. Let's take an early look at what's been happening with Bank of Montreal over the past quarter and what we're likely to see in its quarterly report.

Stats on Bank of Montreal

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: Iamgold Corporation(IAG)

IAMGOLD Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, engages in the exploration, development, and production of mineral resource properties worldwide. It primarily explores for gold, silver, zinc, copper, niobium, diamonds, and other metals. The company holds interests in eight operating gold mines, a niobium producer, a diamond royalty, and exploration and development projects located in Africa and the Americas. Its advanced exploration and development projects include the Westwood project in Canada; and the Quimsacocha project, which consists of 3 mining concessions covering an aggregate area of approximately 8,030 hectares in Ecuador. The company was formerly known as IAMGOLD International African Mining Gold Corporation and changed its name to IAMGOLD Corporation in June 1997. IAMGOLD Corporation was founded in 1990 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Christopher Barker]

    Although I have not shed my long-standing contention that Yamana Gold offers one of the more deeply discounted vehicles for long-term gold exposure, lately my outlook for IAMGOLD has turned particularly bullish. With a looming spin-off of a 10% to 20% stake in the company's reliably profitable Niobec niobium mine, and the recent sale of its interest in a pair of high-cost gold operations in Ghana for $667 million, IAMGOLD finds itself in terrific financial shape to execute an aggressive $1.2 billion expansion imitative at existing operations.

    Considering the $1.6 billion net asset value (after tax) that IAMGOLD recently assessed for the Niobec mine alone, and a presumed hoard of more than $1.2 billion (in cash, cash equivalents, and gold bullion held for investment), at a market capitalization of $6.9 billion I find extreme comfort in the market's resulting valuation for IAMGOLD's 15.2 million ounces of attributable gold reserves.

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: Rhino Resource Partners LP(RNO)

Rhino Resource Partners LP produces, processes, and sells coal of various steam and metallurgical grades in the United States. The company holds interests in various surface and underground coal mines located in Central Appalachia, Northern Appalachia, the Illinois Basin, and the Western Bituminous region. As of December 31, 2010, it operated 10 mines, including 5 underground and 5 surface mines located in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. The company markets its steam coal primarily to electric utility companies as fuel for their steam-powered generators; and metallurgical coal for steel and coke producers. It also engages in mining limestone from reserves located at its Sands Hill mining complex and sells it as aggregate to various construction companies and road builders. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Lexington, Kentucky.

Hot Net Payout Yield Companies To Own In Right Now: Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(CM)

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce provides various financial products, services, and advice to individual, small business, commercial, corporate, and institutional clients in Canada and internationally. The company offers retail markets services comprising personal banking, business banking, and wealth management services, as well as investment management services to retail and institutional clients. It also provides wholesale banking services, including credit, capital markets, investment banking, merchant banking, and research products and services to government, institutional, corporate, and retail clients. The company provides its services through its branch network, automated bank machines, mobile banking, and online banking site. As of June 3, 2011, it operated approximately 1,100 branches and 4,000 automated bank machines in Canada. The company was founded in 1867 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By ETF Authority]

    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (NYSE:CM): Up 0.89% to $69.33. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce provides banking and financial services to consumers, individuals, and corporate clients in Canada and around the world.

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: Aercap Holdings N.V. (AER)

AerCap Holdings N.V., through its subsidiaries, operates as an integrated aviation company worldwide. It engages in leasing and trading aircraft and engines; and selling parts. The company also provides aircraft management services, as well as aircraft and limited engine MRO services, and aircraft disassembly services through its repair stations. In addition, it offers aircraft services, including remarketing aircraft; collecting rental and maintenance payments, monitoring aircraft maintenance, monitoring and enforcing contract compliance, and accepting delivery and redelivery of aircraft; conducting ongoing lessee financial performance reviews; inspecting the leased aircraft; coordinating technical modifications to aircraft to meet new lessee requirements; conducting restructurings negotiations in connection with lease defaults; repossessing aircraft; arranging and monitoring insurance coverage; registering and de-registering aircraft; arranging for aircraft and aircraft engine valuations; and providing market research. The company?s management services include leasing and remarketing, cash management and treasury, technical advisory, and accounting and administrative services. As of March 31, 2011, it owned 272 aircraft and 95 engines, which it leased under operating leases to 118 lessees in 53 countries. The company was founded in 1995 and is headquartered in Schiphol, the Netherlands.

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: Silver Wheaton Corp(SLW)

Silver Wheaton Corp., together with its subsidiaries, operates as a silver streaming company worldwide. The company has 14 long-term silver purchase agreements and 2 long-term precious metal purchase agreements whereby it acquires silver and gold production from the counterparties located in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Greece, Sweden, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Portugal. Silver Wheaton Corp. is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Christopher Barker]

    Parallel to my selection of major producer Goldcorp among my top 10 gold stocks for 2012, Silver Wheaton might appear a relatively conservative pick as compared to the stable of smaller-cap growth stories that fill out the rest of the list. But don't let Silver Wheaton's hefty market capitalization fool you; this is a stock from which I continue to expect multi-bagger gains as this long-term bull market for silver matures. What's more -- with an enterprise value that equates to just $5.63 per total-resource ounce of silver (or $10.77 per ounce of proven and probable silver reserves) the stock remains dirt cheap! It's not quite as cheap as it was when I treated readers to a truly uncommon opportunity just over 3 years ago, but just watch how this stock responds as the market comes to terms with the likelihood of silver penetrating the all-time high near $50 per ounce and blasting into fresh record territory. Keep in mind, Fools, that Silver Wheaton is targeting about a 70% production surge by 2015, to reach a monumental 43 million ounces of silver per year!

    Silver Wheaton has been a bit quiet lately with respect to adding new silver stream agreements to the pipeline, and personally I suspect the hiatus is likely linked to an adjustment of its signature rate structure (paying roughly $4 per ounce delivered into a stream agreement) to account for a much-transformed silver price environment. But I do note with interest the company's recent appointment of mining analyst Haytham Hodaly -- as senior vice president for corporate development -- to aid in the negotiation of new silver streams. I do not expect the pause to last through 2012, and view the prospects for one or two major new stream announcements as likely stock catalysts for 2012. And as Silver Wheaton's newly established dividend policy of distributing 20% of cash from operations collides with a rising silver price, I expect Silver Wheaton to remain a major focal point of global silver investment demand.

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: Transdigm Group Incorporated(TDG)

TransDigm Group Incorporated designs, produces, and supplies engineered aircraft components for use on commercial and military aircraft principally in the United States. The company?s products include mechanical/electro-mechanical actuators and controls, ignition systems and engine technology, pumps and valves, power conditioning devices, AC/DC electric motors and generators, NiCad batteries and chargers, engineered latching and locking devices, rods and locking devices, engineered connectors and elastomers, cockpit security components and systems, cockpit displays, aircraft audio systems, lavatory components, engineered interior surfaces, and lighting and control technology. Its customers comprise distributors of aerospace components; commercial airlines, including national and regional airlines; commercial transport and regional and business aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); various armed forces of the United States and foreign governments; defense OEMs; system suppliers; and various other industrial customers. TransDigm Group Incorporated was founded in 1993 and is based in Cleveland, Ohio.

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: Sun Life Financial Inc.(SLF)

Sun Life Financial Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides various life and health insurance, savings, investment management, retirement, and pension products and services to individuals and corporate customers. It offers individual life insurance policies, including individual term life, universal life, critical illness, disability, accident, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance policies; and group life insurance policies. The company also provides individual health insurance, long-term care insurance, group health benefits, dental benefits, and group insurance; and various individual and group annuity, retirement, and investment income products and services, such as mutual and pooled funds, variable and fixed annuities, savings, retirement and pension plans, and education savings. In addition, it offers asset management services for corporate retirement plans, separate accounts, public or government funds, and insurance company assets to institutional clients; and advisory services to individual investors. Further, the company provides run-off reinsurance services. Sun Life Financial Inc. distributes its products through direct sales agents, independent and managing general agents, financial intermediaries, broker-dealers, banks, pension and benefit consultants, and other third-party marketing organizations. The company operates primarily in Bermuda, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, the Philippines, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Sun Life Financial Inc. was founded in 1999 and is based in Toronto, Canada.

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: Great Basin Gold Ltd.(GBG)

Great Basin Gold Ltd. engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of precious metal deposits. It explores for gold, silver, and aggregate. The company has two material projects, including the Hollister gold project consisting of a total of 950 unpatented, federal mining claims, covering approximately 69 square kilometers located in Ivanhoe Mining District, Elko County, Nevada; and the Burnstone gold mine comprising mineral rights covering approximately 35,000 hectares located in the Witwatersrand Basin goldfields in South Africa. It also holds interests in early stage mineral prospects, such as the Tsetsera Property in Mozambique; and properties in Tanzania and the island of Kurils in eastern Russia. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Sandton, South Africa.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Hutchinson]

    Great Basin Gold, Ltd. Common (AMEX:GBG): This equity had 13,465,632 shares sold short as of Aug 31st, as compared to 13,107,877 on Aug 15th, which represents a change of 357,755 shares, or 2.7%. Days to cover for this company is 5 and average daily trading volume is 2,917,536. About the equity: Great Basin Gold Limited explores and develops gold properties. The Company prospects for gold in the Witwatersrand Basin in South Africa and the Carlin Trend in Nevada.

  • [By Louis Navellier]

    The last penny stock on our list, Great Basin Gold Ltd. (AMEX: GBG), focuses on the acquisition, exploration, development and trial mining of precious metal deposits. In the past three months, this stock has climbed 5%, and it is up 46% in the last 12 months. GBG is now trading right in the middle of its 52-week range of $1.56 to $3.32. Buy this penny stock now before it heads back up.

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: Stantec Inc(STN)

Stantec Inc. provides professional consulting services in planning, engineering, architecture, interior design, landscape architecture, surveying, environmental sciences, project management, and project economics in the areas of infrastructure and facilities for public and private sector clients in North America and internationally. The company involves in the design of healthcare, education, science and technology, airport, retail and commercial, and sports and recreation facilities. Its environmental solutions include water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution; wastewater collection, pumping, treatment, and disposal; watershed management; environmental assessment, documentation, and permitting; ecosystem restoration planning and design; environmental site management and remediation; subsurface investigation and characterization; and geotechnical engineering services. Stantec Inc. also provides industrial planning, functional programming, engineering, project mana gement, and construction support services in oil and gas, fossil and renewable energy, underground mining, linear infrastructure, power transmission and distribution, automotive, forest products, food and beverage, and general manufacturing sectors. In addition, the company prepares transportation master plans for communities; conduct transportation investment studies; plans and designs airport, transit, rail, and highway facilities; and provides administration and support services for the construction of specific projects, and ongoing management planning for the upkeep of transportation facilities, as well as simulation modeling services. Further, it offers urban land solutions for the land development, real estate, and retail and commercial industries, as well as professional services. The company was formerly known as Stanley Technology Group Inc. and changed its name to Stantec Inc. in October 1998. Stantec Inc. was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Edmonton, Canad a.

10 Best Canadian Stocks To Invest In 2014: PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust(PMT)

PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust is based in the United States.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Top 5 Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now

BP (NYSE: BP  ) recently announced it was bailing on its wind power initiatives. The company will sell its U.S. assets, which are spread across nine states and can generate about 2,600 megawatts of power. Estimates place the value of the assets at around $1.5 billion. After getting rid of its solar business, BP is sending a clear message about its commitment to renewables, which may lead investors to consider clean energy investments off-limits for big oil. In this video, contributor Aimee Duffy reviews the BP move, and highlights the long-term potential of one oil major who is getting this bet right.

Not all renewable energy investments are created equal. Investors and bystanders alike have been shocked by First Solar's precipitous drop over the past two years. The stakes have never been higher for the company: Is it done for good, or ready for a rebound? If you're looking for continuing updates and guidance on the company whenever news breaks, The Motley Fool has created a brand-new report that details every must know side of this stock. To get started, simply click here now.

Top 5 Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now: Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc.(FDP)

Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., through its subsidiaries, produces, transports, sources, markets, and distributes fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables worldwide. It also offers prepared fruit and vegetables, juices, beverages, snacks, and poultry and meat products. The company provides various fresh-cut fruit products, such as bananas, pineapples, melons, tomatoes, grapes, apples, pears, peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, citrus, avocados, blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, plantains, mangos, and fruit cocktail; and fresh-cut vegetable products primarily consisting of potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and cucumbers, as well as prepared salads, such as coleslaw and potato salad. In addition, Fresh Del Monte Produce engages in ocean freight; and manufacture of plastics and box products comprising bins, trays, bags, and boxes. It offers fresh produce under the DEL MONTE, UTC, and Rosy brands; and prepared fruits and vegetables, juices, beverages, and snacks under the DEL MON TE, Fruit Express, Just Juice, and Fruitini brands. The company markets and distributes its products to retail stores, food clubs, wholesalers, distributors, and foodservice operators. Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. was founded in 1886 and is based in George Town, Cayman Islands.

Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Portfolio Grader]

    Fresh Del Monte Produce (NYSE:FDP) gets a higher grade this week, advancing from a C last week to a B. Fresh Del Monte Produce produces and markets bananas, pineapples, deciduous fruit, melons, and other fresh produce and non-produce items.

Top 5 Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now: India Globalization Capital Inc (IGC)

India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGC) incorporated on April 29, 2005, is a materials and construction company. IGC operates in India and China geographies specializing in the infrastructure sector. The Company offers a suite of services, including the supply of iron ore to customers in China and India, operations and supply of rock aggregate and the civil construction of roads and highways. The Company is focused on building out mining assets, including iron ore, rock aggregate, setting up customer relations, and export hubs for the export of materials to China. IGC operates in India and China geographies specializing in the infrastructure sector. On December 30, 2011, IGC acquired a 95% equity interest in Linxi Hefei Economic and Trade Co. aka Linxi H&F Economic and Trade Co., (PRC Ironman) by acquiring 100% of the equity of H&F Ironman Limited, a Hong Kong company (HK Ironman). In February 2012, the Company acquired Ironman in China. On March 31, 2013, it completed the acquisition of the remaining 23.13% of the TBL.

Mining and trading

The Company�� mining and trading activity centers on the export of iron ore to China and the resale of iron ore to traders in India. The Company�� subsidiary IGC Mining and Trading Private Limited (IGC-IMT), based in Chennai, India, and its subsidiary Ironman are engaged in the iron ore business. Ironman is engaged in the processing and extraction of iron ore from sand and dirt at its beneficiation plants, which converts low-grade ore to high-grade ore through a dry and wet separation process, provides IGC with a platform in China to expand its business, which includes shipping low-grade iron ore, which is available for export in India, to China in order to convert the ore to higher-grade ore before selling it to customers in China.

Quarrying rock aggregate

The Company�� subsidiary, IGC Materials Private Limited (IGC-MPL), is responsible for the Company�� rock aggregate production. The subsidiary has two qua! rrying agreements with two separate partners.

Highway and heavy construction

A number of the Company�� customers are engaged in highway and heavy construction. The Company�� subsidiary, Techni Bharathi, Limited (TBL), a small road building company, is engaged in highway and heavy construction activities.

Construction and maintenance of high temperature plants

The Company, through Sricon, is engaged in the civil engineering, construction and maintenance of high temperature plants. Sricon also builds and maintains high temperature chimneys and kilns.

Top High Tech Companies To Own In Right Now: Global Geophysical Services Inc. (GGS)

Global Geophysical Services, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides an integrated suite of seismic data solutions to the oil and gas industry worldwide. The company�s seismic data solutions primarily include seismic data acquisition, microseismic monitoring, data processing, and interpretation services, which deliver data that enables the creation of high resolution images of the earths subsurface, and reveal complex structural and stratigraphic details. It offers seismic data acquisition for land, transition zone, and shallow marine areas, including marshes, forests, jungles, arctic climates, mountains, and deserts. The company serves oil and gas exploration and production companies comprising national oil companies, integrated oil companies, and independent oil and gas companies. Global Geophysical Services, Inc. was founded in 2003 and is based in Missouri City, Texas.

Top 5 Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now: Stanfield Funds Management Limited(SFN.AX)

Stanfield Funds Management Limited operates as a fund management and investment company. It involves in diversified investment and asset management. The company was formerly known as Celtex Limited and changed its name to Stanfield Funds Management Limited in 2010. Stanfield Funds Management Limited was founded in 1972 and is based in Albert Park, Australia.

Top 5 Clean Energy Stocks To Own Right Now: Berger International Limited (B64.SI)

Berger International Limited, an investment holding company, engages in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of paint and related products primarily in Singapore, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, Trinidad, and Barbados. It offers protective coatings for various surfaces and environments, such as petrochemical or gas plants, oil rigs or offshore platforms, and airport hangars or shipping terminals. The company also provides architectural and wood finishes, such as topcoats, undercoats, and ancillaries; paints for interiors and exteriors; water-based and alkyd based products; products for substrates, such as cement, wood, and metal; emulsions and enamels; grass paints, body paints, tennis court paints, road marking paints, and texture finishes; and elastomeric paints. In addition, it offers marine coatings for various types of vessels and crafts, including cargo carriers, crude oil tankers, yachts, ferries, barges, and tugboats. Further, the company is involved in the painting, repainting, and redecoration of buildings; the supply of building materials; and other general contractor works and sales. It primarily serves project consultants, engineering contractors, and other customers. The company was founded in 1760 and is headquartered in Singapore. Berger International Limited is a subsidiary of Asian Paints International Limited.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

SodaStream Is Not a Fad

Now that the buyout chatter surrounding SodaStream (NASDAQ: SODA  ) appears to be dying down, we can get back to analyzing the strength of the model itself.

One of the things I love about being a Fool is that we encourage opposing opinions. I started the Dueling Fools feature in the mid-1990s on the premise that two educated dissenting opinions are more valuable to an investor than a single bullish or bearish diagnosis.

It's in that spirit that I enjoyed reading Fool blogger Sam Mattera's post over the weekend, calling out SodaStream as a fad.

I disagree with the conclusion. I wouldn't be a shareholder if I didn't. However, I enjoy coming across well-argued perspectives that are different from my own.

SodaStream has for years been called a fad, but that argument been debunked by now. Let's explore some of Sam's more reasonable points.

He begins by describing how the kitchen-appliance landscape has been unchanged for decades, so why should SodaStream break the mold of the ice cream maker, juicer, and waffle iron that's often banished to the back of the cupboard after the novelty wears off?

Well, reality shows us that even traditional appliances do get disrupted. The toaster is still the toaster, but how many people still replace their drip coffee makers with new drip coffee makers? Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ: GMCR  ) -- a company that often gets compared with SodaStream, given their somewhat similar razor-and-blades beverage models -- has revolutionized the way we view coffee brewers, with its Keurig single-cup systems. It has penetrated just 13% of the domestic households, but its brewers continue to be the industry's top-selling coffee makers.

In short, kitchen appliances do change.

Comparing SodaStream with crepe makers and George Foreman grills is also not fair. Folks consume soda daily. There may be something wrong with you if you're popping down two or three crepes a day.

Then we get to assessing the faddishness of the Foreman grill or Margaritavilla frozen-drink maker. It's pretty clear for these gadgets that sales stop happening. SodaStream thankfully provides a wider range of metrics, because it generates revenue with every use. As folks use the machines, we see the metrics of consumables. As long as that's growing -- just as Green Mountain's K-Cups -- we know that the appliance is gaining in popularity.

So how's that carbonated pet rock and hula hoop doing? SodaStream's been entrenched in Europe for years, and it's still mustering double-digit growth. Closer to home, where SodaStream made a big splash in retail distribution three years ago, growth has been even stronger. Stateside unit sales of soda makers, gas refills, and syrups rose 78%, 101%, and 119%, respectively, in SodaStream's latest quarter.

If this is a 2010 fad, why are starter kits still growing at a 78% clip in this country? If folks aren't using them, why are the carbonators and flavor bottles growing even faster?

SodaStream also has just 1% of household penetration in this market. Clearly, we're not at Keurig levels here, but why are we near the ceiling (if this was a fad) instead of the floor (if this isn't) when SodaStream has had greater success in regions where it's been doing business longer?

SodaStream has at least 10% of the household markets in four countries, and we consume more soda in this country than anywhere else.

There have been faddish systems in the past that added fizz to flat water, but they never had the retail distribution, whereas most of the leading retailers around the country now sell SodaStream consumables, and many will swap out your empty carbonator at half price.

All washed up
Sam's final argument is that folks will continue to enjoy canned and bottled soda despite the convenience of home-based carbonated beverages because the bottled-water industry shows that folks are willing to pay up for something as a substitute for something that's nearly free.

Is that why folks really drink bottled water? No. They consume bottled water because they think it's better. They don't trust the rusty water fountain in the office building. You don't get any fresher than making soda on the spot, and as the SodaStream flavors expand and evolve -- just as Green Mountain's K-Cup lines have expanded through third-party partnerships with great beverage brands -- it will make the argument to buy and use a SodaStream that much more convincing.

SodaStream isn't the next microwave, but it's certainly not the next hand-cranked ice shaver.

SodaStream's carbonation technology sounds simple, but this razor-and-blade company offers an intriguing opportunity for growth that could very well disrupt the soda industry. The Motley Fool's premium report on SodaStream explains the opportunities as well as the risks in the company. The report comes with a year's worth of updates, so just click here to get started.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Challenges Await Kinder Morgan's New Energy Business

The great majority of this country's coal production comes from Wyoming's Powder River Basin. The two leading producers there, Peabody Energy (NYSE: BTU  ) and Arch Coal (NYSE: ACI  ) , account for more than half the production in the entire basin, producing 139 million tons and 100 million tons, respectively, in 2012. But as coal demand in this country shrinks, Peabody and Arch have pinned their hopes on exports. Unfortunately, what these companies are finding is that exporting coal from ports on the Pacific coast is an increasingly contentious business.

These coal industry issues aren't new to Kinder  Morgan Energy Partners (NYSE: KMP  ) , but they are increasingly more relevant as the partnership expands its footprint with a new business unit. In this video, contributor Aimee Duffy discusses some challenges to the partnership's new natural resource mining venture.

It's easy to forget the necessity of midstream operators that seamlessly transport oil and gas throughout the United States. Kinder Morgan is one of these operators, and one that investors should commit to memory due to its sheer size – it's the third-largest energy company in the U.S. – not to mention its enormous potential for profits. In The Motley Fool's premium research report on Kinder Morgan, we break down the company's growing opportunity – as well as the risks to watch out for – in order to uncover whether it's a buy or a sell. To determine whether this dividend giant is right for your portfolio, simply click here now to claim your copy of this invaluable investor's resource.

Top 5 Services Companies To Watch In Right Now

Innovation is a wonderful thing. Without it, products would never get better. Services would never improve.

That's exactly what Henry Ford was talking about in one of his most famous quotes: "If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) is a great example of this dynamic. Before the iPod came along, music lovers were still carrying around racks of CDs that were cumbersome and susceptible to scratches. The iPod not only gave Apple a market-changing product -- and sent its shares rocketing higher -- it also enriched the listening experience with a more user-friendly device.


But now, more than 10 years after Apple changed the landscape of consumer electronics, that same cycle of innovation is repeating itself in a different segment of the market.

Top 5 Services Companies To Watch In Right Now: Ryan Air(RYA.L)

Ryanair Holdings plc, together with its subsidiaries, provides passenger airline services in Ireland, the United Kingdom, continental Europe, and Morocco. It also offers various ancillary services, including non-flight scheduled services; the in-flight sale of beverages, food, and merchandise; and Internet-related services, such as insurance, accommodation, and car rental. In addition, the company sells bus and rail tickets onboard its aircraft and through its Website. As of June 30, 2011, it operated a fleet of 272 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Top 5 Services Companies To Watch In Right Now: NCC Group Plc(NCC.L)

NCC Group plc provides information technology assurance and protection services to the public and private sectors worldwide. The company operates in two segments, Escrow and Assurance Testing. The Escrow segment ensures source code, data, or other business critical material is protected and accessible, as well as confirms the material held is protected by verifying that could be rebuilt from its source code components. The Assurance Testing segment provides site confidence services, including testing and monitoring relevant aspects of system, network, and Web site performance to ensure that the technology used could deliver optimum performance. It also offers security testing services, including forensics, vulnerability research, and the development of software to aid organizations in their on-going with information security breaches; and penetration testing, secure systems development, security education, software design verification, and security assessments. This segmen t also conducts security audits; and offers strategic advisory services for card manufacturing, data preparation, and personalization, as well as provides business analysis, project management, test resourcing, network and application performance analysis, functional and non-functional testing, test automation, software testing, and tools training. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Manchester, the United Kingdom.

Top 5 Safest Companies To Buy For 2014: WaterFurnace Renewable Energy Inc (WFIFF)

WaterFurnace Renewable Energy, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of geothermal and water-source systems. It�� the United States subsidiary companies are WaterFurnace International, Inc. (WaterFurnace) and LoopMaster International, Inc. (LoopMaster). In December 2010, it incorporated two Australian subsidiaries: WaterFurnace International Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd. (WaterFurnace Asia Pacific) and Hyper WFI Pty. Ltd. (Hyper WFI). WaterFurnace designs, manufactures and distributes geothermal water source heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial and institutional buildings. LoopMaster installs geothermal loops for residential applications, does commercial conductivity testing and provides design and installation assistance. Hyper WFI designs, develops and builds devices that limit the inrush current, which electric motors draw upon start up. On January 21, 2011, the Company acquired inventory and fixed assets from Binary Engineering Pty. Ltd. Advisors' Opinion:
  • [By Tom Konrad]

    Waterfurnace has appeared in my annual picks several times over the years because they are a pure-play leader in geothermal heat pumps, which the US EPA calls "the most efficient way to heat and cool a building."  Heat pumps have a high up-front cost, and so they benefit from low interest rates and a high price of heating alternatives, such as natural gas.  Recent low natural gas prices have been hurting Waterfurnace's business, which has recently driven the stock price down and brought the dividend yield up to a very attractive 6.74%.

Top 5 Services Companies To Watch In Right Now: Acal(ACL.L)

Acal plc provides technology products and services offering sales, marketing, engineering, and other services in western Europe and South Africa. The company operates in three segments: Electronics, Supply Chain, and Medical. The Electronics segment supplies a range of specialist electronic, photonic, and imaging components and sub systems for industrial electronic manufacturing and system applications. The Supply Chain segment provides service parts and inventory solutions to information technology (IT) service providers, as well as aftermarket warranty services in the U.K. and Germany to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). This segment offers new and in-house refurbished parts for IT systems, including servers, mainframes, PCs, and printers. The Medical segment supplies and maintains capital medical equipment to medical institutions, primarily the National Health Service in the U.K. and private clinics in South Africa. This segment primarily offers bone densitometry scanning, radiotherapy treatment positioning, computed tomography, and digital radiography equipment, as well as after sales service to third parties engaged in the medical and scientific sectors. The company operates in the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, Spain, and the Nordic region. Acal plc was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Guildford, the United Kingdom.

Top 5 Services Companies To Watch In Right Now: Regis Corporation(RGS)

Regis Corporation owns, operates, and franchises hairstyling and hair care salons in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Puerto Rico, and internationally. It offers haircutting and styling, including shampooing and conditioning; hair coloring; and waving to men, women, and children. The company also owns and operates hair restoration centers, which provide hair systems, hair transplants, and hair therapy services, as well as hair care products. Its salons operate primarily under the Regis Salons, MasterCuts, SmartStyle, Supercuts, Cost Cutters, Sassoon, Promenade salons, Hair Masters, First Choice Haircutters, Magicuts, and Hair Club trade names in regional shopping malls, strip centers, lifestyle centers, Wal-Mart supercenters, department stores, mass merchants, and high-street locations. As of June 30, 2011, the company owned, franchised, or held ownership interests in approximately 12,700 locations. Regis Corporation was founded in 1922 and is headquartered i n Edina, Minnesota.